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Mental Wellness

One place for all your well-being needs – Improve Mental Wellness, Productivity & Motivation

Our mHealth platform will help you build mental resilience, improve productivity and maintain motivation with our psychology-based tools for individuals and the workplace. 

Well-being is something we think about every day, whether we want to or not. we can aid our well-being efforts by setting goals, but if we never turn those plans into everyday habits, we get stuck. the day planner is a smart and dynamic to-do list that helps you plan your day based on your goals and dreams. 

Tracking life balance is essential for wellbeing. Our life assessment and mood rating tools help employees determine where to focus their efforts to achieve mindfulness and wellbeing. 

Innovation at Bellurbis

Let the mHealth platform for personal growth and empowerment transform your life and business. Prioritizing mental health applies to each and every one of us.  

Bellurbis designed & developed an Android Mobile App for Effective Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to achieve customer goals of helping employees in achieving the highest level of emotional, psychological, and social well-being; be productive at the workplace, and lead a happy and fulfilling life. 

Mental health is a broad topic with many facets. It includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being and affects how we feel, think, and act. If you struggle with mental health symptoms, you are not alone. While it may seem brave to go it alone, it actually takes strength to reach out for help.

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How Bellurbis will strengthen your Mental Fitness?

Life is not without challenges, and we all feel stress and anxiety at times. We’ll make you learn how to effectively manage stress and implementing practices of self-care may improve mental health and well-being by 

  • Growth & Productivity 
  • Mental Wellness & Wellbeing 
  • Motivation & Inspiration 
  • Tool kit for a balanced life 
  • A To-Do-List with the future in mind 
  • Daily Reflections & Exercises 

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